Health & Wellness Programs


What is Healthy Kansas Hospitals?

The population affected by the dietary options available within Kansas hospitals not only includes patients, but the hospital staff, medical staff and clinic staff who often utilize the available onsite dietary services and finally, the general public. As major employers in the community and the primary source of health care in many communities, hospitals have the opportunity to establish strong community norms and influence the health decisions of the public. By providing the healthiest food venues possible for their employees and community (which includes cafeterias, vending machines, snack carts, and gift shops), hospitals can be powerful employers and role models.

What does this mean at Holton Community Hospital?

Holton Community Hospital formed a Wellness committee after signing the Healthy Kansas Hospital pledge with the Kansas Hospital Association in 2014. We at HCH are committed to offering healthy options to our staff, including education, increased healthy food options in our cafeteria, wellness challenges and more.