Our Values

Like the community we serve, the healthcare team at Holton Community Hospital is made up of diverse individuals with unique talents. By working together, we accomplish our mission of providing quality care with passion.

When choosing a health care provider, you should expect skilled professionals and state-of-the-art technology. You will find that many places. But, you also deserve to be treated with integrity and compassion by individuals who truly care about your health. That's unique and you'll find that at Holton Community Hospital.

Our health care professionals are empowered to perform to the best of their abilities, supported by the resources they need to further their professional skills and recognized for their role in the success of the hospital. It's no wonder they care for you with passion. You will learn about our hospital, our staff and the values that drive us-SERVE:

     S: Slow Down, Smile, Greet
     E: Explain who you are and what you do
     R: Respond to the patient needs and estimate time
     V: Validate patient expectations and concerns
     E: Express thanks for the opportunity to serve.

Providing quality health care doesn't always mean prescribing a drug or scheduling a procedure. Our health care professionals desire to understand the needs and concerns of our patients and collaboratively find the care that is right for you. Our staff is dedicated to staying "up-to-date" with technology and care methods that keep you healthy and assist with providing the needed treatment. And, the various skills or our staff are demonstrated in the vast number of services offered.