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Patient Portal users have the ability to make payments online avoiding the cost of stamps and the delays associated with traditional payment methods. The ability to opt-in for eStatements helps save paper and postage as well!

Patients who sign up for the Patient Portal love the convenience of 24/7 scheduling and secure
messaging. They love the fact that it takes only one minute to schedule an appointment online
versus eight by phone. What's not to love?

From reducing time used to check-in, schedule and reschedule appointments, to filling out forms prior to a visit, and communicating directly with providers and nurses before and after appointments the Patient Portal gives you more time to do more.

Patients want the access the Patient Portal gives them. Access to health history, prescriptions, test results and health records. 84% of patients say they want electronic access to their health records. And 40% say they would switch providers in order to get that access. We provide that access.

Our patients have proven to be loyal and we want to continue returning the favor! Our patient portal allows us to better provide our patients with the information they need when they need it.